Meet the gang

Former lead singer of No Expectations.

"I was born and raised in Bruce County, although technically I reside in Grey now but whatever. After too many years of singing to myself in the shower, it is time to dust off the old pipes and give things a whirl. The 'BoC' just like to play straight up rock and roll, so come out and have a listen. Later."


Former guitarist / backing vocals from No Expectations, Stagg, & Demolition Crew.

After years of stumbling around the Toronto "Garage Band" scene during the late 80's, early 90's, Jammin' Jack took the "Soft drive of oblivion" and buried himself in his basement. Tired of the egos that continually drove rifts into every workable project he ever worked on, he decided playing for himself was better than trying to be a mother, father, priest, den-mother, and part-time psychologist for other musicians.

Over the next several years, one by one, Jammin' Jack met each of the other members of what is now known as Bonez of Contention. "These guys all understand you play music for the shear joy of playing. There are no "delusions of grandeur" here. We're not looking to be big rock stars, we just want to "Rock the House" and leave everyone wanting to come see us again. Pure and simple!"

Rudy was thankfully pulled from the musical scrapheap by Jammin' Jack. Since then he has been part of the Sauble Beach sonic phenomenon for the past five years under the various names of The Pollinators, The Soggy Bottom Boys and G 'n' D.

After a successful, but short, tour with the reunited band No Expectations Rudy is looking forward to further Rock 'n Roll good times with Bonez of Contention!"


 Bio coming soon...

"After being involved in a unfortunate musical genocide, J. was forced to enter the witness protection program. He looks forward to pounding out his prodigious beat under a veil of secrecy!"